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Mustang Island, located in Corpus Christi, Texas, is one of the best resort islands in the southern United States, with white sand beaches extending for about 30km. “Port Alan Sus” at the northern end of the island is a popular beach town commonly known as “Port A”, where you can enjoy marine sports and bird watching, restaurants, cafes, and shops to enjoy the resort life. Increase. This time, I would like to take a closer look at the charm of Port A, which is unfamiliar to Japanese people!

Visit in Texas

Introducing Port Aransas, located at the northern end of Mustang Island in the Gulf of Mexico, about 40 minutes by car from downtown Texas’s Resort City Corpus Christi. ..

The number one tourist attraction is “Port Aransas Beach”, which bears the city’s name. Because the land is relatively warm all year round, the white sand. And the azure sea attract people regardless of the season. A parking ticket ($ 12) is required to drive to many beaches on Mustang Island, but it’s free! You can use a coin-operated hot water shower without staying at the campsite “IB Magee Beach Park” facing the beach.


Feel free to experience sea fishing at “Port Aranthus Beach in Texas.”

The beach icon “Horace Caldwell Pier” is a pier with a total length of about 375 m, and you can easily enjoy sea fishing by renting fishing gear with a fishing permit at the entrance. If you bring the fish you caught to the casual restaurant “Keepers” at the foot of the pier, it will be cooked on the spot, making it a suitable memorial for your travel gourmet.

The breakwater “South Jetty” that divides the beach and the waterway into two was completed in about 20 years from 1890. In the first half of the 19th century, waterways were used by pirates, smugglers, and merchants but are now frequented by large tankers and fishing boats. When walking on the breakwater, the area near the beach is paved properly, but be careful because cracks will occur in the middle, and your feet will be bad.

To the wild bird, centre loved by “Bird Lady.”

On the west side of the city centre from the beach is the Port Aransas Nature Preserve, which boasts the size of about 100 Tokyo Domes. Many wild birds live in the wetlands that occupy most of the reserve, and you can enjoy bird watching while trekking along the promenade of about 5 km. The Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center is a must-visit.

The name of this facility, which opened in 1994, comes from the name of a wild bird observer familiar as “Bird Lady”. Wetlands spread out beyond the flower-filled paths, and you can observe various types of wild birds such as herons, hawks, and waterfowl from the wooden path and the observatory. If you’re lucky, you might meet two territorial crocodiles here.

At the beginning of the video, there are three unfamiliar buildings in the upper right, but this is an “oil platform” that excavates oil and natural gas from the seabed. If you are parked in the waterway of Peninsula Park, which will be described later, you can also see it from here. Don’t miss the scenery unique to the “Oil State”!

It was destroyed by Hurricane Harvey that struck Texas in 2017.The newly constructed boardwalk has become barrier-free, so wheelchairs and strollers can easily walk around. The Wild Bird Center is located beside the sewage treatment plant, so if you are sensitive to odours, bring a mask or scarf.

The history of Port A is with “tarpon” in Texas

Walking around the city centre starts with a historical exploration. Opened in 2008, the Port Aransas Museum is a small museum built in a private house in the early 20th century.

Inside the museum, there are exhibits such as the bell of the steam locomotive that carried the huge rock when building the breakwater mentioned above and the Fresnel lens of the lighthouse (used to flash the lighting) that was used for more than 70 years from the latter half of the 19th century. You can watch the panel and the video. After studying the history, why not look for souvenirs at the gift shop?

Also, I would like to stop by the long-established hotel “The Tarpon Inn” on the north side of several museum sections. The hotel’s name is derived from the ancient fish Tarpon, which was used as the town’s old name, and it was an honour among anglers to catch this huge fish.

The hotel lobby walls are packed with tarpon scales pasted to commemorate the fishing results! The number is over 7,000, including those from the 1890s. The scales signed by President Roosevelt are worth a look.

Enjoy seafood gourmet at a retro seafood restaurant

Speaking of gourmand in the sea town, it is a dish that uses plenty of fresh seafood. At the Beach & Station Street Grill, located in the city’s centre and crowded with locals, you can enjoy delicious seafood comfortably and comfortably.

At this restaurant, which is particular about handmade, even the sauce is handmade. You can share the delicious food on the terrace seats on a moonlit night or have a quiet meal in the retro atmosphere reminiscent of a fisherman’s hut. Alcohol is also available, so it’s good to drink seafood as a snack!

Dolphin & Oil Platform Watching at Peninsula Park !?

Lastly, I would like to introduce “Roberts Point Park”, located upstream of the breakwater South Jetty mentioned above. Surrounded by waterways and a marina, the beautiful peninsula has an open-air theatre, an observatory and a playground. You may see dolphins, sea turtles, pelicans, and a moored oil platform in the waterways.

You can enjoy an entertainment cruise trip of about two and a half hours by boarding the “Red Dragon Pirate Cruise”.Reminiscent of a pirate ship that used to travel in the waterways. There are plenty of sword shows, dances, and treasure hunting games by pirates on board. Join the adult-only sunset cruise if you want to enjoy the scenery slowly.

For a free petit boat trip, head to the Port Aransas Ferry Landing on the west side of Peninsula Park. You can take a ferry that can accommodate 20 cars and cross the other side in about 5 minutes. There is usually a long line until you get on board, so make sure you have plenty of time.

“Port Aranthus” city access information for those without a car

A shuttle bus (Route 94) patrols the city and stops at the beaches, wild bird centres, and parks introduced here. In addition, museums and restaurants are within walking distance from the bus stop. I’m glad that the price is as low as 25 cents. For more information, please check the “Corpus Christie Regional Transportation (CCRTA)” website. Feel free to walk through the sea breeze beach town “Port A” using the shuttle bus.

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