8 Top Tourist Attractions in Miami

Tourist Attractions in Miami

8 Recommended Sightseeing Spots in and Surrounding Miami Enjoy Nature on the Beach!

Miami is a major city in Florida, USA. It is known as a resort area with beautiful sea and sandy beaches, with a warm climate throughout the year. If you go a little further, including Miami Beach, you’ll also find Fort Lauderdale, a popular beach resort! In addition, there are many attractions such as spots where you can meet many animals.


 We want to introduce the recommended sightseeing spots in and around Miami that the LINE Travel jp navigator interviewed locally.

1. Miami Beach

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“Miami Beach” is a tourist city famous as a resort area. You can see the white sand beach and the endless sea. South Beach is famous as a tourist spot and is crowded with many people, but Mid Beach in the photo has few people so that you can enjoy a relaxing tropical atmosphere.

2. Jungle Island

“Jungle Island” is a zoo where you can meet many animals. Parakeets such as “Akakongoinko” and flamingos with beautifully colored wings of red, blue, green, and yellow are bred. The garden is huge, and when you get tired, it is recommended to take a break in the garden area where you can hear the sound of waterfalls and the chirping of birds.

3. Flagler Museum

The “Flagler Museum” is a museum where you can learn about the achievements of Henry Flagler, who contributed to Florida’s a railway and tourism development, and the history of railways. It’s located on Palm Beach, about two hours north of Miami. The museum once lived in his lifetime. A collection of sculptures and pottery and privately owned railroad cars is also displayed on the premises.

4. Fort Lauderdale

About an hour north of Miami. “Fort Lauderdale” is a popular beach resort. Also known as Venice in the United States, it is lined with high-class residential areas. There are eight beaches along the coastline, which stretches for about 37km, and there are plenty of shopping centers. If you take a leisurely walk along the coastline, you will encounter a floating landscape.

5. Bonnet House Museum & Gardens

“Bonnet House Museum & Gardens” is a hidden spot in Fort Lauderdale. The Florida-style design building is open to the public as a historic building, and you can see various paintings and decorations. The on-site gardens, where you can admire rare plants and flowers that live only in Florida’s tropical climate, are also fascinating.

6. Coral Castle

“Coral Castle” in the area called Homestead, a little south of Miami by car. It is a unique spot where you can enjoy a lot of strange objects. These are objects made of coral rock (also known as roe-like stones in recent research) and were created by an artist named Edward Leedskarnin. It is a facility with many mysteries, such as how these stones were carried.

7. Everglades National Park

“Everglades National Park” is a UNESCO World Heritage-listed park with a total area of ​​6105 square kilometers beyond the Florida Peninsula. Bird watching and animal watching can be enjoyed on the trails in the park. It is the largest subtropical wilderness zone in the United States and is home to many rare species and endangered wildlife.

8. Key West

The southernmost city in the continental United States! Recommended spots in Key West, Florida

“Key West” is the southernmost city in the United States. It is famous for having a large bridge called Seven Mile Bridge, which is about 11km long and the starting point and ending point of US1 (National Highway No. 1). The Southernmost Point, which indicates the southernmost point in the United States, is also a popular shooting spot.

This is the perfect spot in Miami and the surrounding area!

Miami and its surroundings have a warm climate and are dotted with many beaches so that you can enjoy a relaxing stay. Not only that, but it is also attractive that there are plenty of spots where you can enjoy nature. When you visit Miami, stretch out and see the surrounding spots.