Tbilisi Travel Tips to Make Your Trip Easier 2022

Tbilisi Travel

Tbilisi is an ancient city founded more than 1500 years ago. The city is a multicultural city with a diversified population. Its civilization extends towards Asia, Europe, and Middle-east, so it is a lovely destination for tourists. Local peoples are very cordial, famous for their hospitality, and the beauty of nature must attract outsiders. It is a city combined with old and modern facilities.

If you are very fond of historic places, nature, tasting foods, and architectural construction, Tbilisi will be your best destination.

History of Tbilisi

Long long ago, there was a king named Vakhtang at Tbilisi, once he went hunting with his falcon. The falcon hurt a pheasant, but the pheasant escaped from the falcon and went to a hot sulphur spring. Surprisingly the pheasant was immediately healed with the hot spring water.

The king saw the scenario and was amazed and decided to build a city surrounding the hot sulfur water spring. This is the story of the formation of Tbilisi means worm. Since then, the inhabitants have believed that sulfur hot water could cure many diseases. The people of Tbilisi believe the history, and they like the sulfuric hot spring and think it is their heritage.

Tbilisi has not only a hot water spring but also the city has a beautiful landscape because it was built in the mountains, rivers, and hills. Among 1.5 million of the total population, most are Orthodox Christian, and many are diaspora responsible for upholding the culture of Tbilisi.

Some people can speak English and Russian; They use Gel as their currency. This city plays a vital role in the economy of the country. If you need any help, here is a guide to assist you.

Discover the Maze in the old town

The most exciting thing in Tbilisi is to lose in the Maze of streets in the old town. Their different roads spread over the city like a net. You will be amazed to see the balcony of the large building, greet their cats and search for a suitable café.

If you can walk around the old city, you can explore Tbilisi’s natural beauty. Beautiful buildings with wide balconies are the main attraction of Old Tbilisi.

The pavements are not so smooth; many gods roamed here and there. Even if you find that your google map is not working properly, you can ask any local people about your destination. They will help you to find your appropriate location.

Take a bath at a hot spring

Sulfur bath is a tradition of Tbilisi; it can relax your body and mind. Sometimes a Sulphur bath helps to maintain the balance of blood pressure; it helps to reduce fat and, of course, refresh you. Abanotubani is a historical place in Tbilisi that is famous for its bathhouses. Everybody who visits Tbilisi may take a Sulphur bath. You may book in advance to get a good bath house if you wish. There are different types of bathhouses; private and public. In a public bathhouse, you have to share it with others; in the case of a private, you can use it alone. The private one is more expensive; however, the public bath is very economical. In a public bath, you have to wear a bath cloth. Most of the baths are open 24/7.

Remember, before going to the Sulphur bath, please take an extra towel and hot water because there is an unpleasant smell of rotten eggs.

You can enjoy walking around the city to see the beautiful religious building, restaurants with delicious foods, and the lovely house walkway with gorgeous tiles.

Hike to Narikala fort

While traveling, tourists usually visit the Narikala fort because it is one of the oldest forts in Georgia. Most of the buildings are destroyed, and only the walls remain there. It stands on a little hill to see the panorama of Tbilisi. I think this is the best place. You can rich Narikala on foot or by cable car, which costs 2-5 GEL.

Another ancient place travelers usually go to is Kartlis Dada, a statue of a woman made of bronze with a sword in one hand and wine in another. The statue reflects Tbilisian culture, which is very cruel to enemies and shows their hospitality to tourists.

Visit the botanical garden of Tbilisi

The botanical garden is situated between the Narikala fortress and the old town. The botanical garden is large, and many species of trees exist. There are many ornamental and medicinal trees present in the botanical garden. The entry fee for the garden is only 2 GEL.

You can see a wide variety of plants. The garden occupies about 100 ha of land with 4500 species of trees. Although the garden is situated in the city, it gives you a test of the village and fresh green air.

There is a small fountain in the center of the garden. There are many spots for photography, and a Japanese garden is there. On the other hand, there is no canteen or snack shops facility in the garden, so don’t forget to bring some dried food with you.

Although the waterfall is small, it is beautiful. You can go there walking or by zipline down, which costs 30 GEL.

Puppet show at Clock Tower

The clock tower is situated in an old town in Tbilisi. Rezo Gabriadze built it in 2010. It is an iconic tower with an exceptional view. On the top of the building, there is a little room with a nice balcony where there is a bell. An angel comes out from the room every hour and rings the bell.

Under that room, there is another room where two people come, and they tell the story of their happiness, sorry, love, life, and other stories.

It is a popular tourist place; people go there and wait to see the angel. They always try to capture the angel and are always busy taking photos of the tower.

Play with local cats

Many cats and dogs are moving here and there in the streets of Tbilisi. Some people come forward to save and help the local cats. The government has no laws or rules to protect the rights of cats. Cats are friendly, and they will come to you for food. Most of the tourists give some food to cats. You can easily play with the cats.

Don’t forget to see the Betlemi Stairs

Betlemi stairs are one of the famous heritage sites near the 19th-century wooden house. Many visitors go there and take a photo with the colorful glass. It is a private house, and a small theater is present in the house.

Mtatsminda Pantheon

The Mtatsminda Pantheon was established in 1929. The Pantheon was opened during the 100 death anniversary of GriboedovIt is situated in Tbilisi, surrounded by Father Debit Church. It is a graveyard for famous Georgian peoples, many artists, politicians, poets, philosophers, and national heroes are buried. Some stone statues stand here and there in the Pantheon. You may get a fantastic panoramic view of Tbilisi from the Pantheon.

Metekhi Church

Metakhi church is one of the most attractive places for visitors who travel to Tbilisi. It is on top of a small hill and beside the river Kura. It was destroyed several times, and now it has been rebuilt. You can see a beautiful view from the place. The church was dedicated to virgin Mery.

The Metekhi church is the most ancient monument in Tbilisi. Some days it was used as the residence of powerful kings.

In the 18th century, Russia occupied Tbilisi, and the Russian king made a prison near Kttekhi Church. Different prisoners like Staline were sent to that prison. In 1988 the church was returned to its natural function.

Dedaena park

Near the dry bridge, there is a park named Dedana park. Ti is historic and very popular with the younger generation. They gathered together in the park to take a fresh breath. Some bars with plenty of facilities for recreation are present in the park. It is famous for the protestors. Once, the protestors gathered there and raised their voice to protect their mother tongue. People of different ages go there and spend their idle time under the trees; some people take a bedsheet with them to sit under the shed of the large trees.

Tbilisi Skybridge

Skybridge connected three buildings are an attraction for tourists of Tbilisi. The buildings are located in the hilly area of Tbilisi. Due to the uneven ground area, it was very difficult to commute the people from one place to another and one building to another, so the buildings are connected and touch the city’s central street.

You can see a nice panoramic view from the bridge. You can use the lift to ride on the bridge. These are 14storey buildings, so it is challenging for anyone to ride the bridge without a lift. It is a Russian heritage.

Chronicle of Georgia

Zurab Tsereteli, a famous sculptor, architect, and painter who resides in Mosquito, built the Chronicle. It was not a very well-known place in Tbilisi, but the Chronicle of Georgia is famous nowadays. It is situated in a hilly area and difficult to reach there on foot, but once you can reach you can discover 16 statues standing in front of you. The monuments reflect the Christianity of the country and also reflect Imperial history and famous literary works.

It will give you a pleasant escape from the crowd of the city. Particularly, its beauty booms during the time of sunset.

Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi

It is the largest religious building in the world concerning the occupied area. It was newly built between 1995 to 2005 and seemed to be the third tallest religious building. The inaugural ceremony of the cathedral was very amusing, and some great personalities were present.

Before construction, the authority announced an open contest for the “Holy Trinity Cathedral project design. No one won in the first round of the contest. Finally, architect Archil Mindiashviliwon designed the model of the Trinigy cathedral. It was declared the national and spiritual revival.

Liberty Square

Liberty Square is located at the center of Tbilisi at the eastern end of Rustaveli Avenue and is seen as a symbol of Georgia’s struggle for independence. It has a gold statue and a white pen commemorating St. George.

It has been altered and renamed many times, reminding the Gerotiona how a city changes with the change of time. There are many nice restaurants around Liberty Square if you want to explore the surrounding streets. It is very close to the metro rail station, and one can travel by train to different parts of the city.

Visit Rike park by crossing the peace bridge

The bridge of peace is a bow shape made of steel and glass. The bridge was built by an Italian architect who designed many other important buildings in Tbilisi and Georgia. It is wonderful and scenic. It was built in 2010 and is becoming a tourist attraction.

During the evening, this rain creates a lot of beautiful lights that are bound to impress anyone. The lights come from different angles and meet together and spread out in different directions.

Rike Park is undoubtedly one of the most popular parks in the city. People of all ages gather here. In the evening, the park is more crowded. Various types of street food are available, such as ice cream, snacks, cold drinks, etc. On special days of the year, the park is decorated, and various lights enhance the beauty of the park.

Georgian National Museum

Georgian National Museum was established in 1852 in Rustaveli Ave of Tbilisi. Near about 14,00,000 items are stored in the museum. The museum is under the Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection of Georgia.

Many witnesses of Georgia’s history are preserved in this museum. There are many archeological anthropological, and evolutionary specimens in this museum. Thousands of years old metal coins are preserved in this museum.

The museum is open every day of the week from 10 am to 6 pm except Monday..No ticket is required for children six years old, and the entry fee for school students is only 0.50 GEl, and for adults, it varies from 10-45 GEL. Entry fees for foreign museum workers and disabled people are free.

Flea Market

The flea Market is very popular in Tbilisi. It is located near the drive bridge and a Park. It is a footpath market in the open air. Don’t forget to bargain to shop here. People who want antique jewelry, antiques, and homewares to hold on to old memories can shop from the market. Many old memorabilia are available. Even some items used by the Soviet Military are also available. The price is a bit high, but the items are very nice.

Georgia’s wines and Restaurants

Georgia’s wines are unique in the world for their richness and variety. There are many wine factories producing wines that are hundreds of years old. Most of the wines are made from grape juice. You can see a wide variety of bottles with different designs and colors.

Several beautiful restaurants serve delicious food in Tbilisi.

Tabor Monastery

It is a nice place to see a panoramic view of Tbilisi. You can go there by cable car, taxi or on foot. There are old buildings here at the top of Tabor.

Bazari Orbelani

Bazari Orbelani is a popular place to shop and eat different foods. There are some bars also present at the top of the market. People can shop in this market in a pleasant environment and buy daily necessities in one place. Local farmers and other entrepreneurs are engaged with the Bazari Orbelani differently.


The cable car is very popular, and they are a good replacement for tired cars. Tbilisi Cable Car connects Europe Square to the fortress of Narikala. Payment for traveling by ropeway of Narikala in one direction is only 2.5 Lari. But traveling by ropeway is possible only by using a “Metro money” card. They can be purchased in payment offices of wire rope. The cost of the card is 2 Lari.