The Ultimate Sundarbans Travel Guide Of 2022

Bangladesh is the eighth largest labor force country in the world. It is a south Asian country. The area of the country is 1,47,570 square kilometers. Bangladesh is an immense blue ground of nature. The natural beauty of Bangla has fascinated many poets and writers for thousands of years. Poet Jibanananda Das spoke about the beauty of Bangla. 

 “I will come back to this bank of Dhansindi in Bangla. Maybe not a human, maybe in the guise of a conch shell”.


 Bangladesh is a riverine country. It spread rivers and canals all over this country. Padma Meghna Jamuna Karnaphuli Brahmaputra river flows through this country. The accumulation of silt created Bangladesh in the mouths of these rivers. That is why Bangladesh is called the world’s largest delta. 


To enjoy the natural beauty of the world’s largest mangrove forest, you first come to the Sundarban. Sundarbans is a vast forested area along the Bay of Bengal. It is on the peninsula of Bengal. 

The Sundarbans lie between Dhaleswar in the southwest of Bangladesh and Harinbang in the west. We know this forest for its wide variety of flora and fauna, variety of birds, Royal Bengal tiger, Estuarine crocodile, Indian python, and so forth. A tourist should never miss the opportunity to visit the Sundarbans. 

 Why go to Sundarban?

Sundarban is the world’s largest mangrove forest or saline forest. The area is about 10 thousand square kilometers. Do you like natural beauty? Want to live amid natural beauty? Want to see fresh flora and fauna up close? Want to get lost in the green? 

Then Sundarban can be a pleasant and helpful place for you. Then a trip to Sundriness is a must on your travel list. There are about 350 native plants, 120 species of fish, and 42 species of mammals. Thirty-five reptiles, 270 species of birds, eight amphibians, and a variety of global wonders, including the Yawadi dolphin and the endemic river terrapin. They named Sundarban after a beautiful tree. Nature lovers must visit Sundarban to enjoy this immense beauty.

How to go to Sundarban?

The gateway to the Sundarban is Rupsa Ghat in Khulna. Rupsa Ghat is an Upazila in the Khulna district of Bangladesh. So, To go to Sundarban, you must reach Rupsa Ghat first. If you are traveling from Dhaka, you can travel by rail, road, sea, and air.

By Road From Dhaka to Sundarban

By Road From Dhaka to Sundarban

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. So if you are going to Sundarban from Dhaka, there are several standard bus services. Every day Eagle, Sohag, and Hanif Parivahan leave for Khulna from 6 am to 11 am. If you like to travel by road, you can go this way. It takes 8 hours to go from Dhaka to Khulna by road. From Khulna, go to Mongla Ghat. Trawlers or launches can reach Sundarban from Mongla Ghat.

Road From Dhaka to Sundarban

By launching Dhaka to Sundarban 

Bangladesh is the motherland of rivers. Suppose you go to Sundarban to enjoy the natural beauty of the rivers of Bengal. Then many companies launched in Bangladesh and operated from Dhaka to Khulna. In that case, first, board the launch from Dhaka’s Sadarghat to Khulna. 

Steamer and MV Modhumoti, these launches ply from Dhaka to Khulna. From Khulna, then go to Mangla. The distance from Khulna to Mongla is about 50 km. Bus or car can reach Mongla from Khulna. Finally, from Mongla Hat, go to Sundarban by trawler or launch.

launching Dhaka to Sundarban 

By Train From Dhaka To Sundarban

Do you like a pleasant green environment? Do you want to go to the Sundarban through the beautiful train backdrop? Train travel will be best for you. You can go directly from Dhaka to Khulna by train. 

First, you must take a train from Dhaka Kamalapur Railway Station or Biman Bandar Railway Station to Mongla. Sundarban Express runs to Khulna in the morning and Chitra Express in the evening. The train fare is a minimum of Tk 505 to Tk 1731 according to the seat class. From Khulna, then go to Mangla. The distance from Khulna to Mongla is about 50 km. Bus or car can reach Mongla from Khulna. Finally, from Mongla Hat, go to Sundarban by trawler or launch.

train from Dhaka To Sundarban

By plane from Dhaka to Sundarban

Do you want to float in the clouds or go to the Sundarban in the middle of time? Then air travel is the best way for you. First, you must travel to Khulna from Dhaka Shahjalal International Airport by US Bangla Airlines, Nova Air, or Biman Bangladesh Airlines, etc. Airfare from Dhaka to Khulna is a maximum of 3500 to a minimum of 3305 takas, and it will take 45 minutes to 1 hour to reach Khulna. Airfare is not always the same Airfare may vary depending on the time and date of travel.

plane from Dhaka to Sundarban

Best places to visit in Sundarban

Sundarbans is an important sightseeing place in both Bangladesh and India. Sundarban is a vast forest in the coastal region of the Bay of Bengal. It is in the delta of Bangladesh. Mangrove forest or saline forest is Sundarban. Sundarbans is a beautiful place of natural beauty. There are many beautiful and interesting places in Sundarbans. Which brings peace to a person’s mind. Sundarbans are a must on your travel list if you love natural beauty. The places to visit in Sundarbans are –

  1. Katka
  2. Karamoja
  3. Kachikhali
  4. Har Bariya
  5. Neel Kamal
  6. Heron Point
  7. Dubler Char
  8. Mandar Bariya 
  9. Putin Island 
  10. Bangabandhu Island
  • Kotka: Bangladesh is a developing country. But Bangladesh is called the queen of beauty for her beauty. Where you can see wild animals roaming safely, UNESCO declares it a World Heritage Tourist Site. The two most abundant animals are the red deer and the monkey. But there is a saying that we find tigers where there are deer. 
  • So we can see tigers in Cuttack, and the number of tigers in Cuttack is not less. Cuttack is a place full of flora and fauna. Over fifty species of birds have created a watercourse in Cuttack so that the wild animals do not lack water during the dry season. Tigers are more common in winter. 

There is a beach in Cuttack called Jamtala beach. To enjoy these. Natural beauties of Cuttack, a watchtower with four floors, have been built 40 feet higher than the beach. You can spend the night in Cuttack by walking for only half an hour, and you can enjoy the beauty of Cuttack through forest visits and boat trips.

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