Saint Martin Island | Travel Guide 2022

Saint Martin

Saint Martin Island is one of the most attractive places for tourists in Bangladesh. Saint Martin is the only coral island in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is located in the northeastern part of South Asia. Saint Martin is a small island of 17 square kilometers and is 120 km from the world’s biggest sea beach, Cox’s Bazar.

Saint martin island has another beautiful name in the local language: coconut jinjira or narikel jinjira. The mesmerizing scenery of this island will mesmerize you. The blue water of the ocean with the endless blue sky and rows of coconut trees make the island look like a fairy tale. 

What is the best time to visit Saint Martin, Bangladesh?

If you take our opinion, we say the best time to visit saint martin is from the beginning of November to the end of February. Because the sea is very calm and the weather in Saint Martin is very pleasant.

How to go to Saint Martin

If you want to go to Saint Martin, you must come first to Teknaf in the Cox Bazar district. As a rule, saint martin is easily accessible by ship or ferry from Teknaf. You can go directly from Dhaka to teknaf even if you want to go.

On the other hand, if you want to travel to Cox’s Bazar, you can go from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar and then from Teknaf to Saint Martin. On the contrary, there is a direct ship trip from cox’s Bazar to saint martin if you want. You can go directly to Saint Martin on the VV Karnafuli Express sheet from Cox’s Bazar.

You can go directly to Saint Martin on the VV Karnafuli Express from Cox’s Bazar.

Below are all the ways to go to Saint Martin:

Dhaka to Teknaf

There are many types of buses to go directly from Dhaka to Teknaf. The maximum travel time from Dhaka to Teknaf by bus is 10 to 12 hours. According to buses and classes, travel fare is usually between 1000 taka ($10) and 2000 taka ($20). All buses departing for Teknaf leave the bus stand between 8:10 pm and reach Teknaf by 8:00 am. All buses depart from Fakirapool and Syedabad in Dhaka.

The following is the list of various buses leaving from Dhaka to Teknaf is :  

1. Shyamoli.

2. Saint MartinTransport.

3. Eagle.

4.S Alam.

5. Modern Line. 

6. Green Line, etc.

The following is the list of various buses leaving from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar is:

1. Green Line.

2. Sohag.

3. T.R.T.R.T.R.T.R. Travels.

4. Shamoli. 

5. Hanif.

6. Saudia.

7. Eagle. 

8. Silk Line, Saint Martin, etc.

The fares of the above buses range from 1000 taka ($11) to a maximum of 2500 taka ($25). Especially if you are not comfortable traveling by bus, then you can travel from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar by air.

Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf:

The journey from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf can be one of the most thrilling journeys of your life as you enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the mountains en route. You can hire Bus C.N.G.C.N.G. Microbus to reach Teknaf from Cox’s Bazar. Bus fare from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf is Tk 150($1.5), and C.N.G.C.N.G. fare is Tk 250($2.5) per person.

Teknaf from Chittagong

Alam and The Saudia bus from Cinema Palace in Chittagong left for Teknaf at midnight. Apart from this, some buses from GSE GaribullahShah Mazar and Dampara also ply on the Chittagong-Teknaf route.

Teknaf to Saint Martin

Martin island from Teknaf by the Bangla Channel through the heart of the Bay of Bengal. And if you want to catch a morning ship, you must leave Cox’s Bazar for Teknaf in the morning (by 6:o’clock). It takes 2 to 3 hours to drive from Teknaf to Saint Martin.

.From November to March, the ships that go from Teknaf to Saint Martin are Morning to Andaman, Zindabad M.B.M.B. Farhan, Atlantic, and so forth. The ships left The J.T Ghat every day from 9.00 am-9.30 am for St Martin and returned from St Martin at 3.00 pm-3.30 pm. Ticket prices range from 650tk ($6.5) to Rs 1500 tk ($15) depending on the class of ship.

If by accident anyone cannot board the ship on the way back, he has to use the boat as an alternative means of arrival, which I think is a very dangerous way. Tickets to St Martin include a round trip, but the return time must be specified before purchasing the ticket.

From the beginning of November to the end of February and March, only St. Martin ships operate during this time of the year. However, if anyone wants to travel to St. Martin outside the specified period, they must travel by trawler or speed board. Usually, trawlers and freight boats take 150tk ($1.50)-250 ($2.50). It is more or less between the season and the passenger. It takes about (2-3) hours.

Best Things to do in Saint Martin, Bangladesh

Stroll Around the Island

Because of the island’s small size, you can explore the island on foot in one day, but remember to bring sunscreen, water, and sandals with you. This place should not take over 2 hours to complete on foot. By walking like this, you will get ample opportunity to appreciate the island, and the island’s scenic beauty will refresh you.

Ride on a Cycle-Rickshaw

Think of a place without technology; that place is the same, so there is no motorbike engine-driven car. If you are not comfortable walking, you can take a flatbed cycle- rickshaw to the place if you wish- the local language van. Ensure you negotiate a fixed price for the rider before entering the ride.

Visit Chera Dwip/Island by Boat

Chera Island is another beautiful place in St. Martin that you will not believe until you see with your own eyes how beautiful nature can arrange itself. It is a fragmented part of the island of St. Martin, hence the name Chera Island, Chera means (broken). A bush is the only green part of the island, making it look more beautiful.

This Kea flower garden is a great place to take cool pictures. At high tide, most parts of the area sink. There are two ways to reach Chera Island one is by speed board, and the other is by fisher boat. I think it’s safest and best to travel to Chera Island during the Bata at sea.

Enjoy the beauty of sunset and night

After walking and boating around the island all day, the happiest moment comes when the sun sets. It seems as if the sun is going through the chest of the sea, and the beautiful night is coming. There is no electricity connection at this place after 11 pm, so tourists can enjoy the mesmerizing view of stars and moon at night. You can sit on the seashore and eat a different type of fresh sea fish barbecue while enjoying the beauty of the night with your partner. As the whole place is dark, you can enjoy the night star and moonlight, which is impossible anywhere else.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is a thrilling experience that will double your love for the sea. You will feel like you are floating like a whale roaming the sea. The Oceanic Scuba Dive Center is the only operational diving center on the island and is staffed by ex-navy divers; You can rest assured that you are in good hands and enjoy your scuba diving.

Try Local Cuisine

There are many local restaurants along the beach where you can get local traditional foods. You will never miss the taste of local food. The best part of these restaurants is the afternoon or evening barbecue dinner. The food is very healthy, and the restaurant’s ambiance is also very attractive. You can bring fresh fish from the sea and barbecue it if you wish. These delicious fishes will satisfy your stomach and eye hunger. Imagine sitting by the sea in a shack restaurant eating fresh fish and crab barbeque.

 Buy some Souvenirs

Please don’t go home without taking some remembrance of such a beautiful place; It could be a hat or a t-shirt or shoes or a bracelet made of different types of snails. These things that go with you will remind you again and again of the beauty of my country and the heritage of our country.

Sea Turtle Conservation Program Site

On the west side, an organization called the Marine Drive Alliance manages and maintains A program or site. The main function of this organization is to create a turtle habitat for the safe hatching of eggs through netting and bamboo on top of the beach during the turtle breeding season. The organization’s activities include maintaining beaches where turtles nest on the shore and protecting female turtles from predators such as dogs.

Rock Beach exploring

The southern end of the island is rocky. They made it from coral billions of years ago. The rock beaches of St. Martin Island are popular with tourists and can be explored on foot. This is one of the best places to visit in Saint Martin, Bangladesh. Here you will find unique habitats of lizards, migratory birds, and freshwater turtles.

What to eat in Saint Martin

First on the list of offerings and delicacies will be coconuts. At least one coconut is a must-try when visiting St. Martin. This place is heaven for those who love to eat fish. You can find beautiful Pua, Roopchanda, Coral, Lobster, Kalachanda, and many other fishes. You can barbecue or grill the fish in all types of hotels and resorts. There are also endless stocks of Latta, Churi, Rupchanda fish, etc., and other unknown fish. Also, good hotels for breakfast here include Carey Marjan Restaurant, Allah Dan, Bazar Beach, Assam Seepage, St. Martin’s Restaurant, and many more, but you must check the food beforehand.

Frequently Asked Questions About Traveling to Saint Martin’s Island
Going to St. Martin island

Q. How can I get to Sint Maarten Island?
A. You can reach Sint Maarten from Dhaka, Chittagong, and Cox’s Bazar. First, you have to reach Teknaf. From Teknaf, Sint Maarten Island can be reached by sea truck, boat, or shallow water motor boat.
Q. Where in Dhaka can I catch a bus from?
A. Buses to Teknaf are available from Saydabad and Fakilapur bus terminals. Many buses to Teknaf, including Eagle, Modern Line, S. Alam, Shamoli, and St Martin.

A. How much is the fare?
Q. Speed boats take about 100 Tk. per person.

Q.Where to stay on the island?
There are many hotels and motels on the island. Some of them are listed here.

Abakash: +88-02-8358485, +88-02-9342351,
+88-02-9359230 (Have to book from Dhaka.)
Blue Marine:+88-01819-063418, +88-01722-473613, +88-01819-063425
Shoibal: +88-01815-014664
Simana Periye: +88-02-883-5831, +88-01911-121292
Swapno Probal: +88-01814-274409, +88-01722-545872
(St. Martin), +88-02-861-1428, +88-01711-110919 (Dhaka)
Pacific Resort: +88-01732-434264
(St. Martin), +88-01712-643694, +88-01720-939090 (Dhaka)