Tips To Note When Planning A Trip to Bhutan

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What are your recommended plans for your trip to Bhutan? Explain the cost, best season, in the meantime, spot information, etc.!

Bhutan is said to be the happiest country globally, and there are many attractions where you can feel Tibetan Buddhism and history. I want to go there once, but how should I go from Japan?

Here, we will explain to those considering traveling to Bhutan about the travel budget, the best season, and when the tour will be cheaper. Here are some recommended sightseeing spots that you should visit in Bhutan!

 Trip to Bhutan

The attractiveness and highlights of Bhutan 

Bhutan is a country of happiness, and although it is a minor travel destination, it is safe and easy to visit.

Bhutan tourism has a unique system, an official fee system, which is not found in other countries, and you have to pay a fixed fee. This fee is a set of accommodation fees, meal fees, guide fees, and transportation fees. A guide will guide you when you go sightseeing to go sightseeing with peace of mind.

Visit Taktsang Monastery, the holy land of Tibetan Buddhism, Dzong in Punakha, one of Bhutan’s most beautiful fortified buildings, and the Bumthang region, where you can get a glimpse of traditional life.

Bhutan Season Information

Bhutan’s climate varies depending on the altitude. Most of the tourist spots are located at an altitude of 1,200 to 3,000 m and have a tropical monsoon climate. As in Japan, four seasons are further divided into the rainy season (June-September) and the dry season (October-May).

The recommended season for sightseeing is the dry season, from October to May. Spring (March-May) and autumn (September-November) are especially recommended.

Bhutan’s Budget Market

Bhutan Trip includes tours with tour guides and free plans with accommodation and air tickets. However, due to Bhutan’s official fare system, a guide will always accompany you locally so that you can enjoy sightseeing with peace of mind even with a free plan.

The package tour price is about 2300 to 2500 US dollars for 6 to 8 days. Fares vary depending on the place you visit and the airline you use.

Prices tend to increase during Golden Week, Obon, and the year-end and New Year holidays, called busy seasons. If you want to keep costs down, try avoiding this time and planning your itinerary on other dates.

How many nights do you recommend for your trip to Bhutan?

The first day of the royal road course for sightseeing in Bhutan is the day of traveling by plane. On the second day, explore the capital city of Thimphu, and on the third day, move to Punakha to see Punakha Dzong, which is said to be the most beautiful fortress building in Bhutan. The 4th day, we moved to Paro, where Bhutan’s only international airport is located, and visited Paro Dzong. The fifth day, we will visit Taktsang Monastery, built on a cliff and a tourism highlight. We will leave the site on the 6th day and return to Japan on the 7th day.

What are the tips for traveling to Bhutan at a bargain price?

 Tashicho Zhong

“Tashicho Zhong” is the most important institution responsible for Bhutan’s politics and religion and has a king’s office. It is also used for various festivals, and the traditional Bhutanese festival “Thimphu Tshechu” is held every year.

The building is also a place where you can see the traditional Bhutanese architecture, built without any nails.

Many package tours include sightseeing in Thimphu, the capital of Bhutan, so look for them,

Simtoka Dzong

“Simtoka Dzong” at the entrance of the city of Thimphu, the capital. It is the oldest citadel in Bhutan, built-in 1629 by Shabdung Ngawang Namgyal. The scale is not so big, but the precincts that make you feel the history have a calming atmosphere.

Simtoka Dzong is located south of the town of Thimphu. It is recommended to take a package tour that allows you to see the sights efficiently.

Recommended sightseeing spots in Paro

Another name is Rinpung Dzong (the castle of the mountain of jewels), and Paro’s most significant building, “Paro Dzong,” was the location of the movie “Little Buddha.” The appearance of towers in pure white is just overwhelming. Seen up close, it has the power of a huge wall covering it.

When you enter the precincts, another world that seems separated from the outside world spreads, and the sacred atmosphere spreads at once. The gathering of tiny priests wearing red robes is a scene that is typical of Tibetan Buddhism.

Paro is more than an hour’s drive from the capital Thimphu. Therefore, it is recommended to take a package tour that allows you to tour the highlights efficiently!

Taktsang Monastery

“Taktsang Monastery” is a famous monastery in Bhutan and the Tibetan cultural sphere. It is built to stick to a cliff at about 3,000 m. Access to the sanctuary is about 2.5 to 3 hours on foot one way. So let’s take a break and climb at the scenic observatory on the way. There is no doubt that you will be impressed by the monastery’s beauty that appears after climbing hard!

Many tours include sightseeing in Taktsang Monastery, which is also the highlight of Bhuta Paro.

Tshechu means “festival,” and “Paro Tshechu” is the largest festival in Bhutan held in Paro. It is held every spring for five days, from March to April.

The founder of Tibetan Buddhism is a memorial service held under the legend that it will return to the present age at the festival. The festival is held almost every month in various parts of the country. Among them, the biggest celebration is Paro Tshechu.

If you take a tour organized by a travel agency, you will not miss the highlights without knowing what to see, and you can enjoy the festival to the fullest. n Trip, so please look for a tour while comparing other destinations.

Find the perfect tour for you!

In Bhutan, you can see Tibetan Buddhism and its unique architecture. A country with the highest level of happiness globally has an entirely different atmosphere from other countries. If you’re traveling to Bhutan, a tour that includes round-trip transportation and a hotel is a great deal.

Choosing a tour that suits your travel style will make your trip to Bhutan even more enjoyable. Therefore, please try to find a tour by specifying your desired conditions.

Top 10 Sightseeing Spots in Bhutan, the Happiest Country in the World