Indian Doctor Appointment from Bangladesh 2022

Indian Doctor Appointment

Dr. Appointment at CMC Hospital Vellore

Do you need Indian Doctor Appointment at CMC Hospital Vellore Gastrology or Rheumatology/Neurology Department?

Are you looking for an urgent CMC Hospital appointment date but can’t find it? This service is only for them. get in touch

#Hotline: +8801742935936

Many people want to see Dr. in CMC Hospital India for various diseases, but in some departments, it is very fast to get a Dr. appointment, even after 90 days. Still, it would help if you showed there, like Gastroenterology, Rheumatology, Neurology, Hepatology, Nephrology and Urology Dept and even Pediatric Neurology Dept.

Those who urgently need Indian Doctor Appointment Serial in the above six departments should contact only because these six departments are very crowded, and one has to rely on luck to get the serial.

There is no guarantee as to when these six department doctor serials will be available online, and even if they are available, it is difficult to say 100% sure that they will be able to appear after at least 80 or 90 days.

Those who need the serial of this department urgently will contact us, and the amount of money will be more because this app has to be managed differently. Please don’t make any argument about this.

Why take the emergency app in advance?

Rest assured, you will not get the serial from this department before at least 15–20 days, even if you try to contact the counter of CMC Hospital Vellore directly.

In that case, you will spend at least 5500–7000 rupees for hotel rent for those 15–20 days (if room rent is taken as 350 rupees per day), and for three meals, 45–60 rupees per person will cost at least 1800–2400 rupees. The cost will double if you cook and eat at a hotel and waste your valuable time.

I hope you understand the matter clearly.

We will appt you these departments within 10 to 15 days; you reach for two days or one day before dr. Be sure and don’t waste time and get all the rest of the guidelines.

You can get train or air tickets for travel from us along with adequate help and advice on hotels and other matters in Vellore. We provide after-sales support, which is very important for a patient or customer.

Of course, you will get a senior (private) doctor’s serial, and you will get the doctor’s app that can manage the doctor’s serial; in this case, you may not get the doctor you want because where it is very difficult to get the serial, your desire is entirely incompatible, I will try to give the preferred doctor but 100 % Not sure. So consider this matter.

CMC hospital’s maximum senior doctors provide very good quality treatment.

Only those will contact who have no problem getting an appointment by paying more money should contact please, otherwise not.

What to pay for appointment

  1. Passport main two-page scan copy (post)
  2. Mobile number
  3. Active Email ID
  4. documents to below address
  5. +8801742935936 (imo or whatsup no)
  6. or
  7. [email protected] (this mail) #Payment
  8. method:
  9. Bikash/Rocket/Bank -IBBL, DBBL
  10. (100% advance) will

within 72 hours after the deposit, i.e., at least two days for an urgent appointment.


We also manage those apps that are not available quickly.

Note: Please get in touch with only those who need an emergency app; otherwise, try on your own, as mentioned above.

Travel will be easy