What are the Famous Things to Do in Jeddah 2022

Famous Things Do Jeddah

Top 10 Famous Things to Do in Jeddah

Learn more about art at Athr Gallery

If you like art, you can definitely go to Athar Gallery. Athar Gallery is a wonderful place to learn about a dynamic art community. This is one of the most enjoyable activities in Jeddah’s many galleries. The gallery is one of the world’s most important modern art spaces, featuring photography montages and works of art including sculpture and ink painting. Artists in Saudi Arabia have excellent platforms.

Location: Near Tahlia Street, Jeddah

Exploring Al-Shallal Theme Park

One of the many entertainments in Jeddah is the Al-Shallal Theme Park located near the Red Sea. There are all kinds of entertaining stuff here. It receives a variety of notable residents and visitors daily. The park has man-made lakes and waterfalls that make your sight.

Also some roller coasters are scattered throughout the park and others are spread between them. Due to the closeness of the red color here, one can see an endless scene. There are two-story malls to stroll through or eat on one of the amazing streets in the park that give you a different feel.

Location: Al Kurnaysh Rd, Jeddah 21312

Surfing through some amazing collections at the Jarir Bookshop

Bookstore can be very happy place for many and not happy place for many but still Zari Bookstore is ideal place for you. There are many bookstores around the city of Jeddah but this one has a larger collection than others so here you will find your favorite books as well as some unique devices that will increase your interest in reading skills.

Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Shop your heart out at Mall of Arabia

The best thing about Mall of Arabia is that there is something for all ages. There are indoor games parks for the kids as well as international and local brand options for the tourists which is one of the biggest malls to win. The biggest advantage here is that if you get tired of shopping, this mall has some amazing food options that can match your meal with the best food in Saudi Arabia. Don’t forget to visit the exciting and interesting KidZania for kids, kids will definitely love it.

Location: Located east of Madina Road and south of Makkah Road, near King Abdulaziz International Airport.

Bask in the Sunrise at Jeddah Silver Sands Beach

If it’s your first visit to Jeddah and it’s your first day too, you’ll definitely be eager to see some adventure. If you want to enjoy waking up with the sun on your face and the sand between your toes, you must visit Silver Sands Beach to witness the sunrise over the lake. You only need to pay USD 40 or 150 Saudi Riyals to enjoy the beach. You can have your morning coffee sitting at the beach cafe and also have a variety of drinks and healthy snacks here.

Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Satisfy all your cravings at Al Baik

You must be tired after a long journey of shopping, sightseeing, theme parks and all, right? Now you are thinking that your body needs energy. Your body needs to feed that tiredness so you can please your stomach and mind with an array of delicacies like chicken fries and shellfish. You will get food here according to all your hopes and wishes. One of the unique interesting aspects of the oldest food chain in Saudi Arabia is the serving of it with sauces.

Location: Al-Tahlia St., Jeddah 12345

Express your gratitude at the Al Rahma Mosque

An attractive mosque for worshipers is Al Rahma Mosque. It is located at the edge of Jeddah Corniche. This mosque floats during high tide. Visiting this mosque will cool your heart. Will fill you with joy, gratitude and joyful vibes. It is truly a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. If you enter the mosque in the evening, the sound of the evening call to prayer, the cool breeze will keep you away from all negative thoughts and bring you inner peace and positive meditation.

Location: Corniche Road, Jeddah

Stand in awe while witnessing the global roundabout

A trip to Jeddah is incomplete if you don’t visit the amazing Global Roundabout. This huge metal globe decorated with the flag of Saudi Arabia stands at the crossroads. The main attraction of visiting it is the night view. Its beauty increases as the night progresses when it is illuminated with blue and green lights and displays the world map.

Location: Main St., Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Watch the glories of aquatic life at Fakieh Aquarium

Fakih Aquarium is an interesting place for a family trip to Jeddah especially if you want to explore and learn about the marine life of the Red Sea. The aquarium houses more than 7000 unusual aquatic animals of 200 species.

A collection of different types of fish. Along with fish of different sizes and colors, there are some more special types of marine animals including red dragons, red sea turtles.


The main attraction of Fakih Aquarium is the acrylic tunnel. Here the aquatic animals encourage visitors to swim and float and interact with them. Children are delighted to see gigantic sharks and other deadly sea monsters swimming so close and adults alike are fascinated and excited. Dolphins and sea lions are shown here every day.

Location: Al Qurnaish Rd, Beside Al Nowras, Opposite Al Shallal Theme Park, Jeddah 21312

Take a photo with the Jeddah Flagpole at the Saudi Flag Roundabout

It is particularly known among the most well-known interesting and wonderful flagpoles in the city of Jeddah.Its location is in King Abdullah Square. From 2014 to the present it is the highest flagpole in the world.

Photos are your only option to capture some of your sweet memories at the Jeddah Flagpole.

It will hold all your memories of the Saudi flag roundabout. The Jeddah Flagpole is so attractive and it is the largest flagpole in the world, it has written its name in Greenwich World.

Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia