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Coxs Bazar

Cox’s Bazar sea beach is the longest in the world. It is 120 km long and unmatched in the world. The tidal waters of the Bay of Bengal touch the Beach across these 120 kilometers.

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Tourism in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is known as one of the most popular tourist destinations globally. One of the unique features of the diversity of tourist destinations in Bangladesh is that it delights the smartest travelers. Visit different tourist destinations in Bangladesh in the best way for your vacation.

Bangladesh’s tourist attractions include historical places, beaches, forests, indigenous habitats, resorts/picnic spots, and a wide variety of wildlife.

There are archeological sites in the northern region, including the Rajshahi division and temple city Rajshahi, Putia. Mahastangol is the largest and oldest archeological site in Bogra. Paharpur is the largest Buddhist monastery in Naogaon. The most decorative terracotta is the Hindu temple, the Kantaji temple, and many palaces with big sand and old zamindars.

There are natural hills and sandy beaches in the southeast of the Chittagong area. The most famous beach, Cox’s Bazar, competes for the title of the longest uninterrupted beach in the world.

There are rows of tea trees on the northeastern hill, which are very attractive. Also in the rainy season and winter, the haor area is very attractive. The arrival of guest birds here in winter is beautiful scenery.

To the southwest, mainly in the Khulna Division, Sundarbans is the world’s largest mangrove forest, including the Royal Bengal Tiger and the Chitra deer. The 60 Domes of the Rock Mosque is a well-known historical and architectural attraction in Bagerhat. 

In the northeastern province of Sylhet, carpets of green tea grow on small hills. Naturally preserved forests are a very interesting place. The winter migratory birds of the haor region are also attractive areas.

Tourism in Cox’s Bazar

cox's bazar

For Bangladeshis, the country’s most popular beach town is Cox’s Bazar. It is a conglomerate of large, well-constructed concrete structures and 5- and 3-star hotels catering primarily to the country’s elite and overseas tourists.

It’s a small town, but it’s a town of Surfing Cox’s Bazar, but it’s still a heritage town. The sailor “Captain Cox” explored the area to name it by his name. The locals, where both Burmese and Chittagong live, live in harmony. The main people are Moderate Muslims, but “Buddhists” also live there. Note that at the local Buddhist temple, local non-Buddhist Bangladeshi will guide you on a “tour” and demand money. 

Visiting places of Cox’s Bazar

During the tourist season, October to March, the Beach is crowded, especially near the hotel-motel zone. From April to September, it is best to visit there for the rest of the year.

The 120 km beach is named after a variety of flora and fauna. Cox’s Bazar attraction point starts with ‘Laboni Beach,’ Sughandha Beach,’ 10 km south is known as ‘Himchari Beach.’ And 30 km later known as ‘Inani Beach.’ More than 70 km off is ‘Teknaf Beach.’ Though things are quieter here, I still have to get a lot of attention. Can bike the entire 120km beach at once. Further south, the blue of the sea.

Several old wooden Buddhist temples in Ramu are a few kilometers away from Cox’s Bazar and worth visiting.

Cox’s Bazar is located about 150 km south of the Chittagong metropolitan area and is connected by air and road to Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, and Chittagong, the main port city.

Ways to go Cox’s Bazar

Daily direct flights are available from United Airways or Regent’s Chittagong and Dhaka. The journey by plane takes 60 minutes and costs BD Taka 6000. One way from Dhaka and Chittagong costs BD Taka 3500.

By bus, it takes about 10-12 hours from Dhaka. From Chittagong, 4-5 hours. Dedicated AC bus routes named “Saudia,” “Shamoli,” “Greenline,” “Hanif,” “Amader Baghdad,” and “TR Travels” are available from Dhaka and Chittagong. The AC bus takes BDT1400-1800 from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar. In addition, many non-AC services are also available from Dhaka and Chittagong at the cost of BD Taka 350-750 (from Dhaka) and BDT 200-360 (from Chittagong).

The main bus terminal is located a few kilometers east of the city center and is about 15-20 minutes / BD TakaTk100-120 by electric bike known as “Easy Bike” or CNG Autoride. Local buses go to Chittagong, which costs 120 BD Taka, which takes 4 hours, and Teknaf, which costs BD Taka 70, which takes 3 hours.

Private bus companies have offices near the “Hotel Sea Queen” and in the Hotel-Motel Zone. Bus tickets are scarce during the tourist season, and advance tickets are required to avoid delays in your stay. We recommend that you book as soon as you arrive.

There are many Rickshaws, Auto-rickshaws, and CNG on the ride between the hotel-motel zone and the Laboni point area.

Attractions of Cox’s Bazar

Mile after mile of golden sand, high mountains, surfing waves, colorful pagodas, Buddhist temples and tribes, beautiful seafood, etc. There are several old wooden Buddhist temples in Ramu, a few kilometers away from Cox’s Bazar. The waves of the sea swim on Sandy Beach. Usually, can walk completely into the Hotel’s lobby. Watch out for waves flowing down, even if you are good at swimming. Check out the “Green Flag” alongside the “Red Flag” at the Life Watching WatchTower.

It’s a good idea to leave your sandals and other belongings in place, so you don’t lose them when you’re out of the water. Beach chair attendants may be asked to take care of you. Rent a beach chair or other entertainment equipment every hour. It is better to negotiate with the basics in advance. Discover the beaches and fishing boats around the Hotel Motel Zone by leaving the main tourist zone. It’s not dangerous to stay on the beach after dark and have a “tourist police” on the Beach until midnight, but it’s best not to stay at midnight.


The Hotel Motel Zone is full of shops for Bangladesh and foreign tourists. Seashells are very popular and sold by vendors near the Beach. Burmese market, but should not expect a lot of handicrafts. Traditional Burmese clothing and fabrics ‌can be found there. Some shops sell pearl jewelry. Try local cosmetic products (sandalwood base), hand-woven textiles, bedsheets, and more. Probably the best way to buy local dried fish, which is cheap.


Cox’s Bazar is famous for its green coconuts and mountain “bananas.” It feels more like a tropical holiday than sitting on the Beach drinking green coconuts and bananas. Be careful not to make it dirty. However, the mobile phone company “Robi” has a social responsibility to clean the Beach every hour with the slogan “Keep the beach clean.”

Many restaurants in the beach area and around the hotel-motel zone, most of which serve food according to Bangladesh standards.

Adjacent to Hotel Sayeman, just south of Sea Beach Road, Jhawban Restaurant and Poushee Restaurant serve excellent Bangladeshi cuisine, including Cox’s Bazar’s signature fried fish. Both restaurants are very popular, especially at lunchtime. Please follow the flow. Bhagwan has an English menu. Foushee is probably one of the best restaurants in Cox’s Bazar, so don’t miss the chance to try delicious seafood. Meal TK60-130.

Mermaid Cafe, Marine Drive Road, Open until 11:00 pm. This new cafe is friendly and laid-back and the coolest place to hang out. The natural atmosphere of wood and bamboo was suggested when Cox’s Bazar bazaar returned. Several sitting areas and hammocks have creative menus such as the main menu (TK 450-800), rich in seafood such as crepes, delicious pancakes, shrimp salad, pasta, and fish pizza. Music is sometimes suspicious, but they are very open to requests.

Handy is a restaurant serving typical Indian cuisine. It also offers all kinds of Bengali cuisine. Biryani price BDT350 here.

Nilima Cafe Restaurant is adjacent to the ‘Nilima Beach Resort,’ besides double giraffe sculptures on Sugandha Point Beach and moderately charged authentic Bangladeshi and Chinese cuisine. At the rear is the Bar B-Q facility, which faces the ocean waves with hammocks and beach chair facilities.

Beach Planet Cafe, Marine Drive Road Kolatoli is a great eco-friendly restaurant. Great interior with wood and bamboo. There are several outdoor sitting spaces. The main attraction is a two-storied hut overlooking the sea. It mainly serves regional and seafood dishes. This is the only eco-restaurant in Cox’s Bazar along the Beach. It is a perfect place for private parties and beach parties.

Drinking Items

Cox’s Bazar is famous for its green coconuts and mountain “bananas.” It feels more like a tropical holiday than sitting on the Beach drinking green coconuts and bananas. Be careful not to get it dirty. However, the mobile phone company “Robi” has a social responsibility to clean the Beach every hour with the slogan “Keep the beach clean,” but throw garbage at the Beach and throw sandy beaches.

Alcohol is an equally difficult drink elsewhere in Cox’s Bazar, as Bangladesh is a Moderate Muslim country. Still, it is available in several places in Cox’s Bazar, especially in 3-star and 5-star hotels. The following hotels have bars open from 7 pm: Hotel Sayman, Hotel Scheival, Seagull Hotel, and Renaissance Hotel. The price is higher than expected.

Staying Arrangements

Most budget hotels are located near designated hotels-motel zones in major city areas. The Big Star Hotel is close to the Beach and expensive.

Hotel Media International and Hotel Seagull are good options in the city center. Several hotels/motels, such as Hotel Probal and Sikat, are run by the government tourism organization Parjatan Corporation. Nilima Beach Resort is a better choice for ocean lovers. It has great views and location.

Seagull is probably the best Hotel in Cox’s Bazar. It is modern and safe and has its promenade on the Beach. There is a hidden bar, Beautiful swimming pool outside.

Contact – 


Sea Crown is a three-star deluxe hotel on the Beach.

Hotel Sea Crown, Marine Drive, Kolatoli New Beach, contact-0341-64795   

Ocean Paradise Hotel, the new Hotel, is within walking distance of the Beach, and most rooms have sea views. Its luxurious interiors may be the perfect destination for honeymooners, but it is also well known among businessmen and families. The Hotel also offers complimentary airport services, a beautiful pool area, a Thai spa, and a buffet breakfast of regional and international dishes. Apart from that, the Hotel has a variety of restaurants, one of which is a rooftop restaurant with beach views. Tariff starts from BDT 3500.

Contact-88 0341 52370

Nilima Beach Resort, Sea inn point, Sugandha Beach, Hotel Motel Zone, a small beachside resort and beachside restaurant with only ten rooms. Famous for its wonderful sea view from the room. Standard toilet with hot water and towels. A perfect destination for honeymoon couples and especially welcome. Checkout: “1100”lat=””. Prices range from 2500 Taka to 3500 Taka. Nilima Beach Resort, Sea inn point, Sugandha Beach, Hotel Motel Zone. +8801710390251. +88034152443,.

Hotel Coastal Peace 

The staff at Hotel Coastal Peace make every effort to ensure that guests live up to their expectations and exceed them. A suitable hospitality facility for meetings and meetings is the Hotel’s banquet and conference hall, which can accommodate up to 150 people. This hall is also suitable for social gatherings with all the audiovisual equipment. 2600.

Hotel Coastal Peace, House: 06, Block: B, Kalatoli Road, Cox’s Bazar- 4700, check-in: noon; checkout: 11 am. 

Cox’s Bazar – 88 017 555 21797, Dhaka- 88 017 555 21726

It is always a good idea to thoroughly research the area and take the necessary items with you before any tourism.

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