10 Best Places to Visit in Bali

10 Best Places to Visit in Bali

Today we will teach you how to enjoy Bali! 10 Recommended Sightseeing places

Bali is a popular tourist destination in Indonesia. On this “island, the gods live” with its unique culture, art, religious views, the blue sea, and the rich greenery of the beautiful rice terraces in the rainforest forest. Not only is it a relatively easy-to-go resort, but there are also many world heritage sites and temples, spectacular views of the setting sun, superb beauty treatment salons, and cultural experience spots. 

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Gore Gasha

The wonder of Ubud is here! The mysterious “Goa Gasha” ruins are a World Heritage Site in Bali.

The “Goa Gajah” ruins are about a 15-minute drive from the center of Ubud, Bali. This is a World Heritage Site as an archaeological site within the “Subak Landscape in the Pukurisan River Basin.”

Above all, the mysterious cave “Goa Gasha” is a must-see! The face with wide-open eyes and the mouth wide open leading to the cave’s darkness. The big fingers on the side of the face are powerful, and you can feel the force of tearing the rock and crawling out at any moment. It is said that this is a statue of Bomo, an amulet god that protects against evil things.

Tirta Empul Temple

“Tirta Empul Temple” with a wish for a bath at the holy spring of Bali’s Wankakeji Temple

Nestled on the banks of the sacred Pukurisan River in Bali, the “Tirta Unpur Temple” is the “Holy Water Temple” and is the best power spot in Bali for many Balinese people to bathe and worship. It is also registered as part of the World Heritage Site “Cultural Landscape of Paddy Areas maintained by the Unique Water Conservation System Subak, based on the Balinese Hindu philosophy of Tori Hita Karana.”

 Gunung Kawi

A trip to learn about Bali’s first World Heritage Site at the “Gunung Kawi” Ruins

Gunung Kawi, one of the World Heritage Sites, is located in central Bali, about 30 minutes by car or motorbike north of Ubud, the city of art. The Gunung Kawi Ruins are Warmadewa dynasty royal tombs from the 9th to 11th centuries carved into a massive monolith with a 7-meter-high arched ceiling and a cave temple.


Into the superb view! Stroll through the beautiful rice terraces of Tegalalang, Bali

About 15 km north of Ubud, you will reach “Tegalalang,” famous for its beautiful rice terraces. Tegalalang’s rice terrace is characterized by its beautiful curves and layers. It’s not that big, but it boasts an artistic landscape that resembles a painting.

Tanah Lot Temple

I can’t go home without seeing this! 4 Best Spots in Bali.

Hindu “Tanah Lot Temple” is located in central Bali. A temple is built on a rock and looks like it is floating in the sea. Tourists are not allowed inside the temple, but you can walk to the rocky area where the temple is located at low tide.

The appearance of the temple floating in silhouette against the backdrop of the setting sun over the Indian Ocean is a famous tourist spot that is almost always featured in guidebooks.

Uluwatu Temple

“Uluwatu Temple” is a Bali Hindu temple on the west coast of southern Bali. The temple built on the cliff is famous as a sunset spot, but it is also famous for seeing the Balinese “Kecak dance.”

It is also recommended that the performance starts before the sunset, the sunset goes down with the story, and you can enjoy the beautiful sunset simultaneously. The setting sun has set by the end of the Kecak dance, and the area is dark.

Ubud Palace

Ubud in the central part of Bali is a bit different from the coastal area where resort hotels are lined up, and the color of Bali tradition and art remains strong.

The “Ubud Palace” is called “Puri Salen” by the locals, and the beautiful red brick gate is also famous as one of the works of Mr. Lempad, who is world-famous as a Balinese painter. Balinese dance performances are also held at night at this royal palace. 

From Ubud Palace, head south on Ubud’s main shopping street, “Monkey Forest Street,” for about 1 km to reach the vast monkey forest “Monkey Forest.” There are more than 200 monkeys in this Monkey Forest! Even if you don’t go inside, you can see the monkeys jumping out into the entrance or the road. 

Jati Louis

“Jatirui,” which was registered as a World Heritage Site in 2014, is one of the largest rice terraces in Bali. The artificially created terraced fields are like art. Many people think that the rice terraces themselves are World Heritage Sites, but they are a little different. What was evaluated was the paddy field system called “Subak.”

Access is about two and a half hours by car from the Kuta area. There are also several restaurants near the view spot, where you can enjoy your meal while admiring the scenery.

Treasure Island

Noyama strawberry picking

Experience Bali culture by shooting folk costumes, making traditional sweets, and dancing!

“Treasure Island” along the bypass of Sanur is a space where you can enjoy the cultural experience of Bali. You can choose and participate in your favorite cultural experience from several types every day.

In addition to traditional cooking, accessory making, and wood carving coloring, various experiences such as taking pictures wearing Balinese dance costumes are prepared. Still, all can be challenged in about 15 minutes to 1 hour. So you can feel free to experience the Balinese tradition. Recently, more and more tours have been incorporated with some experiences on Treasure Island. 

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