Best Attraction place of entertainment in Ayutthaya 2022


People who are thirsty for travel and historical places in the world.
One such place is the historical city of Ayutthaya in Thailand. Ayutthaya is one of the must-see places in Thailand. Marked as the second capital of the Kingdom of Siam, this landmark flourished for 400 years from the 14th to the 18th century.

Best Attraction of Ayutthaya in Thailand

At the time, it was one of the world’s largest cities and became a center of international trade and diplomacy. Three rivers were surrounded. Ayutthaya was an island-centered city with rivers connecting the city to the sea.

Founded in 1350, it was destroyed by the Burmese invasion in the 18th century. The ruins continue to carry the legacy of its past glory.

The city died when the Burmese attacked and razed it to the ground in 1767. Ayutthaya still bears the mark today.

The ruins still bear some traces of the temple and some parts of the pashads; one can imagine how magnificent Ayutthaya was then today.

Beauty of Paradise in Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya is a paradise of beauty that can easily be reached within 30 to 60 minutes by bus or taxi from the northern suburbs of Bangkok. Temples are open to the public on holidays.

UNESCO inscribed Ayutthaya on the World Heritage List as a Cultural Site in 1991 because of Betty’s significant role in shaping Thailand’s culture and history.

Ayutthaya’s history is seven hundred years old, and it was Thailand’s prosperous financial, commercial and political capital. Religious temples and monuments exemplify the power and grandeur of the Ayu Khaya kingdom.

Temples symbolizing the beauty of Ayathaya include Wat Mahathat and Wat Ratchaburana.

Wat Mahathat was built around 1374 by King Boromaracha. It is one of the main historical temples.

The second is Wat Ratchaburana, founded in 1424 and one of the top Buddhist temples.

Ayutthaya is a paradise of breathtaking beauty in the world. It further doubles the beauty of the three-sided body of water on the shores of the sea.

So Ayutthaya can be one of the places to calm the thirsty mind of travel-hungry people.

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