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Why should I visit Berlin?
The German capital is a great city full of history. Devastated at the end of World War II and divided 28 times by the Wall, Berlin is making great strides to restore itself to its former glory.

Contemporary architecture has abolished the subtle history of this great city, producing a unique atmosphere where the old meets the advanced and the excellent complements the everyday.


The remains of the Berlin Wall are an emotional open-air gallery where visitors can relive moments of pain and horror as they discover a wealth of true stories about the separation of families. The death camps reveal the fashionable secrets of the aftermath of fascist rule, while the cellars convey the horrors that once left the great city covered in fear.

Various regimes, day trips, and short excursions in Berlin can engage the visitor in its complex history.

The DDR Museum offers callers a unique way to discover the socialist state of East Germany or the German Democratic Republic. Checkpoint Charlie, one of the most notorious crossings of the Berlin Wall, was the site of a steady flight to West Berlin. And Museum Island offers a wide variety of exhibits for visitors and locals alike.

In addition, enjoying a succulent curry sausage near the Brandenburg Gate accompanied by a good German beer is simply priceless.

Find out why the number of day-trippers in Berlin is increasing repeatedly and find the most popular places to stay.

Where to start?
If you are planning your first visit to Berlin and don’t know much about the great city, we suggest you start by learning about its important history and reading its practical information. The next step is to explore its top accommodation facilities and the most popular galleries.

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