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Bangladeshi passport

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Q.What should I do if my Bangladeshi passport is expired, but my visa is still valid?

A.The answer is that you have a visa, but your passport has expired; there is nothing to worry about.

You can renew the passport and travel to India with the renewed passport and the old passport, which has the visa sticker on it or the same rules for other countries.

My passport name is incorrect with my birth registration/national identity card. Can I apply for a visa now?

 Answer: If the name on the passport does not match the name on your birth registration or NID copy, it will be treated as a mistake; the visa office may not take responsibility for the mistake made by the passport office or election commission office.

So you have to correct the name of the passport or the name of the NID card, i.e., do one of the corrections, then apply for the visa. Otherwise, applying for a visa will be a waste of time and no work.

I do not have a national identity card; can I get a passport?

Answer: When you are born, you must register your birth, or if you have not registered, you can do it easily from your union within one/two days, and then you can get your passport by registering your birth.

Accordingly, you can submit the visa application with no problem. These are the rules for any country where a citizen’s birth registration card and NID carry permanence.

I have lost my visa passport. Now I have got a new Bangladeshi passport. Now how to apply for a visa?

Answer: For a visa, you need to give a GD copy in case of a lost passport. GD was done by going to the police station and discussing with any lawyer who would need an affidavit copy.

The affidavit must have the seal and signature of a magistrate, which the lawyer will do. In this case, it may cost up to 1000/2000 rupees.

Must be a minimum stamp of 150 rupees. Without these two copies, no one can apply for a visa with a lost passport.

But earlier, one could apply for a visa by submitting the loss certificate; now, it is not granted without evidence.

After all these submissions, it will depend on the embassy whether the visa will be issued, some people get the visa by submitting the lost passport once, and some have to apply 2/3 times to get the visa; the Indian embassy knows the explanation of why this happens.

Can I apply for a visa if my Bangladeshi passport  is less than six months old?

Answer: There is no doubt that the passport must be valid for six months on the day you submit your visa application.

Even less than 1 or 2 days will not accumulate; mind it.

6. In case the old NID number is given in my passport, but now I got a digital NID card, which one should I input during application filling?

the answer;

It would be best if you input the NID given in your passport while filling out the application; in this case, you will submit the old NID copy and the new digital ID copy while submitting the passport; the visa desk officer will keep the one or two as deemed necessary. Keep a copy.

Extra Information:

You can visit India if your passport is valid for at least three months and you have an Indian visa; if it is less, then you can not. That’s the rule. Don’t get confused by anyone’s words.

This information is taken from Indian High Commission Office Khulna. Many say that there are six months they do not know or hear from someone.

Many immigration officers are also ambivalent about this. In that case, the immigration officer’s ignorance, not ours.

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