Best Attraction of Al Rashid Mall 2022

al rashid mall

As development needs grew, the idea of building a shopping mall offering a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of an ever-increasing number of citizens and merchants was born. So the partners of Al Rasheed Trading & Contracting Company, led by the late Shaikh Rasheed bin Abdul Rahman Al Rasheed, decided to build a shopping center in line with international standards. Architect Rashid bin Saad Al Rashid was entrusted with the design of this vast national project.

The “Al Rashid Mall” project reflects the architectural renaissance of the Kingdom by adopting a building concept that combines Arab-Islamic architectural heritage with the latest international construction and fabrication techniques. The mall’s design was based on extensive on-site research of the world’s most important and large-scale shopping centers, particularly in the United States and Europe, to capitalize on their strengths and avoid their weaknesses.

Description of Al Rashid Mall

Al-Rashid Mall is one of the largest malls in Saudi Arabia. Al Khobar’s location is west of the city center. The mall is divided into several floors and has more than 650 stores of various international and local brands where you can find various accessories, perfumes, watches, shoes, home appliances, and more for your family and yourself.

The attraction of Al Rashid Mall


 Here you will find beautiful restaurants to spend time with family or friends. The mall offers visitors a chance to shop and experience Saudi hospitality. Locals here become interested in taking pictures with guests adding digital memories.

Explore Al Rashid Mall and experience a long journey through the world of fun shopping. You will first be greeted with a wide range of choices when you walk through its gates. Al Rashid Mall offers a collection of stores and services that will make you want to linger. Located in the heart of Aba, 15 minutes from the airport on King Fahad Street, Al Rashid Mall is a unique modern design building covering an area of 125,000 m2, whose lights will catch your eye from a distance.

The attraction of Al Rashid Mall

Besides shopping, Al-Rashid Mall has special attractions, such as watching your favorite movies in the theaters. You are even within walking distance. It will motivate you to continue to engage in the most enjoyable and beneficial overall activity. Enjoy the aesthetically-pleasing fixtures in the mall hallways, like artificial lakes and impeccably distributed bushes.

The attraction of Al Rashid Mall

Something is interesting here for kids. You must go to the mall’s top floor and visit Fabi Land to have an exciting time with the kids.

Kids will find fun action games and rides that will never bore them. You will find climbing frames, bumper cars, trampolines, and video games here.

 They will need to eat when the children are opposed. That’s why you’ll find various restaurants and a wide food court filled with multiple eateries such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Harfi’s, Texas Chicken, and Charlie’s Philly Steaks, most famous for their delicious sandwiches. You can also find Tilal Radfan and Sarah Saba here. Restaurants, both of which serve authentic traditional cuisine.

Here are special facilities for movie lovers; you will have a great experience at Empire Cinemas. The theaters are luxurious, equipped with state-of-the-art sound and display technology, with comfortable seats that will steal your heart.

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