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Aloha! My name is Jennifer Brown and I`m from New York. Not too long ago I left my career in Banker  to make my travel dreams come true. Since then, I’ve traveled to over 41 countries and have seen the most amazing places in the world.

Many people travel through the landmarks of a major city, but it is challenging to experience the actual city that way.

To truly experience the city, you need to walk its streets.

  • A tour bus will not offer this flexibility; you need to walk or bike around and explore all that it offers.
  • Can you drive through a strange alley?
  • Drive through it – there may be your favorite bar waiting for you around the corner!
  • See a colorful building on the corner with an interesting nameplate in front of it?
  • Check this place out, too – they painted the whole block for you!
  • Maybe you are now lost on your journey…? Very good.
  • Good times are ahead because exploring means experiencing something new every day ……

Traveling is one of those things that reminds you of a human being.

  • Traveling forces you to realize what’s important in life – it’s not your beanie baby or American suburbs, big house, SUV, and 2.5 kids kind of life.
  • It’s experiencing different cultures through food, art, and music; taking advantage of new opportunities for personal growth because they can have an impact somewhere down the line (and not just when we’re sitting at home feeling sorry for ourselves).
  • Sure, some people are judgmental, but let them be! Our lives are largely based on experience.
  • Our lives are largely based on experience, so all those little moments are more valuable than anything else ……
  • We understand that there are a ton of travel blogs and websites out there. We started our first travel blog in 2010 – RIP Blogspot – and the passion for adventure never stopped.
  • On our honeymoon, we realized that most sites focused on travelers on budgets, big cities, or people looking for luxury – all great topics, but lacking the true realistic itinerary that is the essence of foreign travel.
  • Travel is more than what is written; it is seeing, hearing, and feeling your way through one of life’s greatest adventures – explore now!”.

Our mission is always to keep moving.

We have created a website with the advice that we hope will inspire people to get out of their comfort zone.

We live and breathe Anthony Bourdain’s famous quote.

“If I were an advocate, it would be to move. Go as far as you can. Cross the ocean, or simply cross the river. Walk in someone else’s shoes, or at least eat their food. This is good for everyone.”

Let’s enjoy the day together.

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HiddenTravelPlace’s mission is to inspire people to accept airfare offers and leave without reservations.

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