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Serengeti Park – Natural wildlife like you will find nowhere

Serengeti Park is one of the most popular places in Tanzania and it is famous for its animals It is really captivating and totally natural because of the area and location it is built on. Situated on the 15,000 square kilometers this national park was built in the beginning to preserve and conserve what was left up to be the wildlife circle and the major purpose was to have all the animals and plain land greenery saved. Now, this is a major tourist attraction and people from all across the globe come to visit the wildebeest annual migration species and groups of several different animal species.

Serengeti Park is a paradise for animals because it is their natural habitat where they annually come within the range of about 1.5 million and watching this migration from places and their movement is something worthwhile. The animals that are seen within the particular locations are wildebeest, larger herds of zebras, antelopes and gazelles. It is called a paradise for animals because there are patches of greenery and pastures of grass wildebeest could enjoy; the water quality is really high in terms of all other areas which is the reason why the place becomes more appetizing and interesting for the animals.

With such bigger modification and migration within the area, you will also get to notice the big cats as well which include all kinds of lions, leopards, cheetah and the hyenas.  If you are planning a decent trip for the Serengeti Park you should do something like camping so you can make the best out of the wildlife migration which is the biggest in East Africa. There are lofts and camps made for the ideal groups that are supposed to be there to cater for the services and accommodations in an effective manner. There are plenty of people that love outdoor activities so you will have the best time of your life. The lodges are situated on plains that are present on different hills and river side locations. There are also camps for those who don’t want to accommodate into relatively expensive lodges. The camps are mobile and in the form of tents which could move around within the Serengeti Park in accordance with the wildebeest migration comprising of two beds each and a comfortable bathroom.
Watching the animals through the flight of a hot air balloon is another pleasant experience.