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Some Must See Places in Costa Rica

Located in Central America, Costa Rica is the place of natural wonders and creations but it is place which couldn’t be limited to only that statement and factor. There are a lot of things which make Costa Rica special and mostly it is the boundaries and countries that surround it. Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea are present to magnify its beauty with Nicaragua and Panama. For tourists and families that are coming to pay a visit to their relatives and friends, Costa Rica is the best place. Even for family reunions and honeymoons, it is considered to be the most authentic place where you can be. There are a lot of places in Costa Rica that you could enjoy while you are staying in the neighborhood for a couple of time. Here are some of the highlighted ones you could take into consideration.

The central cathedral of this country is something really special and famous and during your visit, this is a must see place in Costa Rica. It is really unique in its own way of beauty and magnificence but it is also a great example of a fine architectural design and arrangement. This is a place where you could take a troll through during the evening and see the parrots flying around. It could be a really effectual spot for you to make an opinion regarding American history and culture because of the aspiring surrounding and background.
Juan Santamaria Park as the name implies is formed after the nation’s great hero and a person who is really popular for its work of honor and dignity. You would come to this park and observe the cannons that are exhibited as old as they were in the 1860s. This park holds a building of Santamaria museum as well where several other exhibits and paintings are arranged for the memories of this great national individual.
If you are an adventurous person, you should visit Poas volcano national park because it is famous for both the local people and foreigners as well. This is a volcano which is still active and the summit is still observable. Arenal volcano is another active volcano of its kinds as well.
Cahuita national park is a soothing place to be at because the coral reefs would attract you more than anything else. You can go snorkeling, scuba diving and even deep sea diving really easily at this place.